is day one

Allow passion to fuel everything you do in your life and allow the advancement that results form that very passion be one that contributes to the well-being of the world you live in....

Each day we are graciously provided 86,400 seconds.  This credit cannot be saved, returned, or replaced. It shouldn’t be squandered or thrown away.  We’re lucky to have them. Each of us is really fortunate. At the expiration of each day, the balance renews and what we left on the table yesterday, is lost. This is the time we have.

And that time is precious.  There are so many wonderful things that we can do, if we “do” together.

All too often though, individuals place themselves before their community.  Many individuals have trouble rescinding the “I.” This is the cause of the majority of issues that affect our world.

Aminae was born to help our community and achieve our dreams along the way.   Aminae is a place where there is not “I” and certainly no “ego.” We work for achievement and our passion drives us towards excellence everyday.

At Aminae, we will push the limits.  We will not take “no” for an answer. We will refuse to be content with the status quo.

If you have a dream that can help our society, contact us today.  If you’re already on the team, call me. There’s no time to waste and there are so many incredible things that we can do, together.

I for one am very excited to watch the growth this year of:

  • Renewing our mission to become the most sustainable manufacturer in the world.
  • Launching new divisions & new product lines
  • Inaugurating new European offices and teammates.
  • Empowering great entrepreneurs and ideas to flourish.
  • Starting a long-time-in-the-making philanthropic division to help our furry friends.
  • Perfecting the craft.
  • And above all, creating more life-long memories as we welcome new family and teammates to the world of Aminae.
  • And hopefully, with all this improvement, we can help as many people as we can along the way...maybe even change a few lives for the better.

I certainly know that I have my dreams and the family organization that backs our global company has many distinct and fascinating missions.  Whether it is #WOOF, Miki and Magu, A Muffin in the Oven, the Lab, the Academy, or any other of the many wonderful initiatives that we are incubating, I take tremendous pride in knowing that the trailblazers who make up the team for each organization, are working for the betterment of our society - human and animal - and are driven by their insatiable pursuit for excellence.

Our services should genuinely and sincerely help the recipient.  Our products should be sustainable. Our designs should be timeless.  Elegance and sophistication should unify each detail. And the results of our efforts should be ones that help usher our community into a better place, one where our kids can continue the mission we had to better our global world.

At Aminae, no idea will be too big or too small.  No thought or imagination is will be called “unrealistic, idealistic, or stupid.”  Quite the contrary: any idea that advances our community will have a home and each teammate who has a dream will have a home; one with every resource to work for passion, achieve our dreams, help our community, and work as one united family for a common mission.

And so, it has been written: It is now up to each of us to remain humble and treat everyday as if it was day one.

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